The Pantone Color of 2017 is Greenery

pantone color

The much-anticipated Pantone Color of the Year has been announced, and the result is fresh and invigorating.  Greenery – a yellow-green akin to chartreuse – has earned the top spot , and for good reason! What better color to represent the new spring season in fashion, home decor, and wedding planning than a shade of green?

Julia’s Florist is the best place in Wilmington to bring your color inspiration and wedding ideas – we’ll match your dreams to the most stunning and colorful flowers!
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Proposal Ideas and Inspiration

proposal ideas

According to the statistics, December is the most popular month for proposals and engagements. If you are planning to ask the love of your life to marry you during the upcoming season, we’d like to offer some proposal ideas that you can use for inspiration.  At Julia’s Florist, we’ve accompanied hundreds of Wilmington area couples along the road from engagement to wedding day – and we look forward to taking the journey with you as well.
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Wedding Extras and Floral Accents

wedding extras

Planning your wedding is an exciting time. There are many choices to make, and although the big decisions get most of the attention, there are also many smaller choices that you can make that will make your wedding day truly shine. From flowers in your hair to a single bloom at everyone’s place setting, you can infuse your style into every aspect of your celebration. Julia’s Florist has worked with hundreds of couples in the Wilmington area over the last decades, and we have many beautiful ideas for wedding extras that you will love.
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Wedding Trends – Flowers and Metallic Accents

metallic wedding accents

There are as many ways to decorate a wedding as there are brides. From vintage to traditional, from soft and romantic to vivid and fun – your wedding is uniquely yours. A wedding celebration is a wonderful reflection of the couple, their relationship, and their personalities. Every year there are wedding trends that seem to characterize many of that year’s events, from colors to themes. But running through all of them is the opportunity to incorporate metallic accents in creative ways.  So gather up your inspiration photos, and head to Julia’s Florist to talk to our expert wedding planners about how to plan for the beautiful florals and accents that will make your day memorable.

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Designing Your Wedding Day with Orchids

wedding day orchids

It’s time to choose the florals for your wedding day, and you’ve come to the right place! Julia’s Florist has been helping couples to design the perfect wedding flowers for decades.  And we know that although your choices are vast, there are few bridal blossoms as cherished as the orchid. This exotic and elegant flower adds an air of grace and sophistication to any event and is a gorgeous representation for your special day. Here are some tips to help you to choose your perfect wedding day orchids, from start to finish.

wedding day orchids

There are thousands of varieties of orchids, and they come in an amazing range of colors, sizes, and styles. This makes it easy to incorporate orchids into any bridal palette, while still designing an ambiance that is uniquely you.  Within your color scheme, you can choose different orchids to play each role during the wedding day – whether adding a dash of debonair to his lapel, or a cascading waterfall of flowers to adorn your cake. From aisle arrangements to escort you to the altar to lavish centerpieces that exude luxury, wedding day orchids are amazingly beautiful.

wedding day orchids

There are three main orchids utilized in wedding floral arrangements. These include the delicate dendrobium, the tropical and exotic cymbidium and the extravagant phalaenopsis. All orchids can exhibit a monochromatic color scheme, but some of the most exquisite of the blooms have vivid shading variations, artistic patterns or contrasting splashes of color.

Of course, the main florals of the day are the bride’s flowers, and this is where the orchid really shines. Consider vibrant,  wide open petals of the phalaenopsis orchid as a focal point among a bouquet of roses, hydrangea or greens; or a cascading trail of white cymbidium orchids that create a truly captivating bridal bouquet.
wedding day orchids

With so many choices, designing your wedding day orchids is an exciting and personal journey. Work with an expert wedding consultant from Jula’s Florist, and we guarantee your flowers will be one of a kind and perfect for you. If you are planning a wedding in Wilmington or Wrightsville Beach, make us your first call.

Holiday Wedding – Married in a Winter Wonderland

holiday weddingIt’s July, and you know what that means – mistletoe, Christmas trees and shimmering icicle lights!  That is, if you are planning a winter or holiday wedding, now is the time to begin to get all those plans set in place. It may seem far away, as we bask in the summer heat, but Christmas will be here before you know it. As the holidays see an abundance of events and parties, resources are booked early – so holiday planning in July is a necessity!
holiday wedding
Your venue should already be reserved.  experts say to check with both the church and the reception hall to determine what their holiday decor will look like – you can plan your wedding decorations and theme to match, making the entire place look like it was designed for you! Given the holiday theme, red and white are the two most common colors utilized in wedding palettes; generally accented with metallic gold or silver and evergreen details.
holiday wedding
It is important to sit down with your floral wedding coordinator at least 4-6 months before the event, as some flowers are not available in the winter months. The expert designers at Julia’s can advise you as to the best winter floral, and give you suggestions as to how to best maximize your budget. Our goal is providing the most stunning wedding bouquets and centerpieces that you can envision, and we may have ideas and suggestions that you never thought of. After all, over the years we have helped hundreds of Wilmington couples do just that!

Floral Wedding Planning, Face to Face

floral wedding planningThese days, it seems we can find everything we need online. – No matter what the occasion or the event, “there is an app for that.”. Although mobile apps and online planners have helped to make our lives more efficient and streamlined, there are some situations that require a personal touch and thoughtful conversation. At Julia’s Florists, we believe your wedding planning is one of those special times.

The wedding consultants and designers at Julia’s Florist know that nothing can take the place of the face to face relationship between a bride and her professional designer. Too often, a bride will send an inspiration photo or a list of flowers and ask for a quote. But comparison shopping in this way can hurt you and cost you more than you wish to spend – . and the reason is simple. The flowers that you are convinced you must have may not be in season in Wilmington on the day of the wedding, making them costly to obtain and required to be shipped from elsewhere (not nearly as fresh as they should be!) Maintaining a budget when wedding planning is important, but Julia’s also understands how important it is to achieve your vision. This is where a designer’s expertise comes into play – our in-depth knowledge base allows us to make smart suggestions; perhaps your flowers won’t do well in the heat, or maybe there is a more cost effective bloom that is just as lovely.

The advantage of discussing your florals with a professional is that you can see and compare real flowers, not just photographs. You can experiment with different floral combinations, and the floral artist can show you creative ideas that are truly one of a kind! In fact, our brides often end up with more perfectly beautiful arrangements than they even originally asked for. That is something you can never experience with an impersonal bid process.

When the time comes to order wedding flowers, don’t settle for less. This day is too important for blind comparison shopping. Trust the artistic designers at Julia’s to create the perfect florals at the perfect price – and relax, we’re in this together.

Mother of the Bride Traditional Roles

mother rolesAs the bride’s mother, you probably are looking forward to helping your daughter plan her wedding – after all, this is one of the biggest events of her life! It is also a delicate situation, as your daughter likely wants your support and assistance, but has her idea of your level of involvement. There are some traditional roles, which we will outline here – but always speak with your daughter to ascertain her expectations, so as to keep this part of the journey as stress-free and happy as possible!

Some general guidelines include making yourself available and letting her know when you can help; and then stepping back to allow her to ask for specific help. As much as you may wish to help sample cakes, or pick out the groom’s tux, the couple may have other ideas about how to distribute things (remember, they have the groom’s family and their friends who all want to be involved somehow!). If you have agreed to pay for the wedding – in whole or in part – you may have input as to how the money is spent, but resist the urge to think that gives you the right to make decisions that rightfully belong to her.

Advice about Advice: Whether paying or not, only provide input that is requested, or is something constructive. (For instance, reminding her that accommodations may need to be made for older guests who may have trouble with steps or long walks).

Other Mother of the Bride Duties:
Shopping for the gown with her daughter
Coordinating with the bride and the groom’s mother regarding their dresses
Helping to compile the guest list
Handling correspondence with selected vendors – caterers, entertainers, florists.
Collecting RSVP’s and tracking responses
Attend bridal showers (usually the bridal party will throw the shower)
Greeting guests at the reception, as well as being ready for the traditional dance!

One of the most important mother of the bride duties occurs at the ceremony. The wedding is not considered officially ready to begin until the mother of the bride has been seated – she is the last person to be escorted to her seat, and that signals that the ceremony can begin! You’ve been there from the beginning, and this day is no different. No one knows your relationship better than you do, so talk with your daughter to establish expectations, then relax and enjoy!

Julia’s Florist has been honored to help hundreds of Wilmington couples to adorn their wedding day with gorgeous bouquets, altar décor, and centerpieces for their big day. From corsages to cake decorations, we are your one stop wedding source.

Wedding Traditions- Where They Come From

wedding traditionsIf you are planning a 2016 Wilmington wedding, you are likely well acquainted with the family traditions, cultural customs and societal rituals that are a part of every celebration. Even if you are looking to have a non-traditional wedding, virtually every element in the ceremony is deeply rooted in history and tradition. From the white gown to the bridal party selection, to the placement of the bride and groom – you may be surprised at why we do what we do!

For instance, it was not until the mid-1800s that brides began wearing white dresses to get married. Although most people assume that the white dress was chosen as a symbol of purity and innocence, it actually came into vogue after the wedding of Queen Victoria in 1840. Rejecting the traditional silver royal robes, the queen decided on white instead and inspired women around the country to do the same. Until that time, brides simply wore the best dress they owned when they got married. Regardless of dress color, a veil was generally worn, as it was believed to ward off evil spirits likely to attack the bride on her special day.

wedding traditionsFlowers were a part of all important ceremonies from antiquity, but until recently the color palette or personal preference had little to do with the choice. Instead, flowers were chosen based upon the meanings they conveyed – roses and orange blossoms were considered choices that would bestow good luck on a marriage; while peonies denoted shame, and, therefore, were rarely in a bridal bouquet.

wedding traditionsIn medieval England, guests would bring small individual loaves of bread to offer to the bride and groom. The buns would be heaped up between the couple, and they would lean across the pile to kiss for good luck. Many people believe that the tradition of a tiered wedding cake, as well as the intimate cake cutting ceremony, originated with this custom.

From the most traditional church wedding to the most contemporary celebration, Julia’s Florist’s expert designers will create the perfect floral arrangements and bouquets. Stop in today, and let’s get started.

Julia’s Florist – Summer Wedding Flowers

summer weddingsSummer is one of our favorite times to hold a wedding. Warm temperatures, clear skies and long, sunny days contribute to a stunning backdrop for your day. When a couple chooses to have an outdoor ceremony during the warmest months on the calendar – which in Wilmington can mean temperatures rising into the 80’s – keeping things cool becomes a priority. As one of Wilmington’s top wedding florists, Julia’s has helped hundreds of couples with their floral needs.

summer wedding

Here are a few tips from those who successfully coordinated a summer wedding.

  • Time your event for either early in the day, or early evening. At these times, there is plenty of sunlight, but the mercury is not so high.
  • Provide drinks to for your guests as they wait for the ceremony; whether cold water or fun non-alcoholic cocktails, get creative in how to serve them and keep everyone cool.
  • When searching for an outdoor location for your wedding, look for covered, shady areas for your guests to sit, talk or congregate. When there is no physical structure, consider renting a tent or gazebo; floral canopies create beautiful spaces for the ceremony. .
  • Select flowers that are hardier and can handle hot weather; orchids and roses, as well as calla lilies, comprise bouquets that can better withstand the heat.
  • Centerpieces that feature water – such as underwater gardens, tall flute glasses filled with water or bubble bowls with floating blossoms – are great hot weather choices that leave no room for wilting.

summer wedding

Julia’s Florist has provided flowers for Wilmington summer weddings for years, but none is more important than yours! Call us today; between your ideas and our experience, we guarantee a gorgeous event.